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Our cows are very consistent, but we have a few standouts that we specifically look to for replacements and bulls. Though not perfect, these cows exhibit outstanding qualities that any forage developed program could be built around.
T245 near the end of the summer at 5 years old
Red Angus Registration 1190715  2007 100% Red Angus, 1A
T245 is a cow that could be a donor in any program. We purchased her from the Buffalo Creek dispersal in Dec 2010 (lot 180). In their Feb 2011 bull sale, her first calf, Buffalo Creek Final Answer W004 (1329487), was the lead off bull of that calf crop and sold to Silver Spur Ranches for $18,000. We can't say enough about this cow. When we purchased her, she was due to calve in June. In two years we took her from a June calver to a February calver. That's over 100 days in 2 years! This speaks volumes to her fertility. She is an easy fleshing cow in a 4 frame package and weighs 1300 lbs (BCS 7). Her pedigree is stacked with great sires. She exhibits excellent muscle with great thickness and depth. All of our cows have good dispositions, but you can almost touch T245 in the pasture. She's not a pet, just quiet and calm. If I could change anything about her, I would tighten-up her udder a bit. Her Easy Red sired bull calves have been impressive. For photos, see T&T Easy Red A-03.

 183R at 9 yrs old just before calving in the fall
Simmental Registration 2884091  2005 SimAngus, 50% Angus, 50% Fleckvieh Simmental, Red Gene Carrier
Ever since we bought our 116Y herd bull from Tim Ohlde, we have been looking for a few cows with similar genetics. 183R is one of those cows. Sired by OCC Legend and out of one of Tim's favorite Fleckvieh cows, 183R exhibits all the power and muscle you would expect from this cross, yet in a moderate package. She is a 5 frame cow and weighed in at 1340 lbs (BCS 7) just before calving in the fall. She has an exceptional udder and a great disposition. She was a donor for OCC and we look for her progeny to play an integral role in our breeding program. The Fleck influence is great for disposition, muscling, depth, fertility, and maternal calving ease. Combine this with the functionality, fleshing ability, calving ease and 'the look' of OCC Legend, and you get a complete package. Tim said you can breed this cow any way you want, and she will still throw great calves. We can't wait to see!
 186R at 10 yrs old nursing a Paxton 300X bull calf (C44) in early summer
Simmental Registration 3008548  2005 SimAngus, 50% Angus, 50% Fleckvieh Simmental, Red Gene Carrier
The Fleck influenced cattle are impressive all the way around, and 186R is no exception. With a little more size, she sure packs the muscle and thickness into an attractive package, while still possessing all the convenience traits that we have come to expect from Ohlde cattle. You couldn't ask for a better cross that exemplifies the best of both breeds. Her calves are equally impressive.

X12 on summer pasture at 7 yrs old
Red Angus Registration 1389223 2010 100% Red Angus, 1A
X12 is an extremely easy fleshing Cherokee Canyon daughter. Her dam was a donor cow for Buffalo Creek, where we purchased her before they dispersed. X12 has a good udder with a great disposition. She is super-sound with correct leg structure and solid feet.
A-09 on summer pasture as a first-calve heifer
Red Angus Registration 1594463  2013 100% Red Angus, 1A
A09 is a moderate and easy fleshing Easy Red daughter. She's a gentle, good uddered cow, and one of the first Easy Red daughters to be put into production in our herd. She comes from a great line of easy fleshing, low maintenance cows that flat work. Her MGD, 9501, produced 15 natural calves, and only missed one year while being flushed. Talk about longevity!


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