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Analyzing Cattle for the Grass-finishing Type
We recently enlisted the help of Steve Campbell of Tailor Made Cattle to analyze our cattle for grass-finishing characteristics. Steve is a student of Gerald Fry and possesses a keen eye for cattle that will finish on grass. He looked through our cattle, pointed things out to us, and showed us what to look for. I was familiar with Steve`s technique, but hadn`t really understood why these things were important. Like they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Steve spent the day with us discussing things from fertilizer and minerals to our own health. Our biggest surprise of the day came when we tried to run our herd bull, 116Y, in the chute to measure him. First off, he was too wide to fit in the alley to the chute! Then, Steve suggested we just crowd him up in the pen and see if we could measure him there. By the end of that session, we could have put a halter on him and led him off! I knew he had a quiet disposition, but I had no idea we could crowd him up and pet him like that 116Y getting measured. We learned much from Steve that day and are thankful for all his help, advice, and patience. See the Sires page for more about 116Y, including videos.

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