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GMOs: What`s the big deal?
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a major hot-button subject throughout our country. Most European countries have bans against them for public safety. Some farmers have said they couldn`t farm without them. Others, that GMOs save them in labor. I drive by a neighbor`s GMO sugar beets often and notice there are many weeds in with the beets. After spraying with Roundup, some weeds still persist. Could these crops be a product of great marketing by seed companies? An article from Dr. Mercola shows Why GMOs Can Never Be Safe and lists some of the common myths associated with GMOs. To use GMO crops, farmers have to sign away many rights. Once GMO crops are introduced to an area, all suffer the consequences, as unintentional use of GMO seed can put a person in jail. See the story of Percy Schmeiser in David vs Monsanto.
UPDATE: As more information emerges about GMO crops, it`s clear to see the dangers of their use.
"Research reveals that glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto`s herbicide Roundup) is unlike other conventional herbicides. Like many other herbicides it’s a mineral chelator. This means it immobilizes nutrients, making them physiologically unavailable for your body, or the body of an animal, in the case of livestock feed. But glyphosate is also patented as an antibiotic against a large number of organisms, and this is where it veers away from other agricultural chemicals. Like all antibiotics, it kills indiscriminately, so it also decimates critically beneficial soil bacteria, as well as animal - and human gut bacteria." See the complete article: GMO Alfalfa. For a litltle humor, watch the Daily Show clip at the beginning. It`s funny, but not funny.

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