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Why All the Fat Bulls?
It`s been a busy winter! We have had record cold and snow, which has prompted us to begin feeding earlier than we wanted. We have had warm, open winters for the past few years, and almost forgot what a hard winter was. Thus the drought in posts. However, I wanted to pass along an article that I read recently in the ASA publication SimTalk entitled, "Why all the Fat Bulls?" I have been hammering on this for awhile, and have coined the term, "Is that for real?" It`s hard to evaluate bulls at sales when they are covered in fat. Indeed, that is not "real" and they will never see that condition again without those same "unnatural" inputs. The article is well written and provides great information of feeding and developing bulls. I`ve highlighted what I think are some important statements in the article. The take-home point is that excessive fat covers up many flaws and is detrimental for fertility and longevity.

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