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About Us

Lost Wells Cattle Company LLC was founded as a partnership between two brothers, Bobby and Brendan Thoman, who were looking for a way to provide farm-fresh beef to the public. To do this, they had to find a way to be profitable. They defied the conventional theories that said you had to have corn to finish beef and looked for more cost effective methods.
When presented with the idea that cattle could be finished on native forages, the nay-sayers were abundant. And especially when they figured farm ground could be profitably grazed, you would of thought they were talking about grazing on the moon! But what most amazed them is that this is how grandpa did it before the war (WWII), when grain wasn't so plentiful. Why was there such a big disconnect from what was successfully done in the past?
Like they say, follow the money. The USDA, through farm subsidies, and the large seed companies, through marketing, were the main source of information to most farmers and ranchers.  It was very difficult, but eye-opening, to see that these groups did not have the farmers' or ranchers' best interest in mind.  But I digress.
The Thoman brothers did their own research, ignored conventional "logic," and began raising grassfed cattle to market to the public. Start-up businesses take either a lot of capital, or time to build. Recognizing this, their marketing plan included slow growth so their customer base could grow as they grew. And not wanting to take on a lot of long-term debt to start, both currently have off-the-ranch jobs. They say, "Blood is thicker than water," and ranching is in their blood. They are the 4th generation of Thomans to be involved in agriculture in Wyoming.
Brendan brands a cow while Bobby overlooks
Lost Wells Cattle Company operates from the family ranch on the north end of Lost Wells Butte about 20 miles northwest of Riverton, Wyoming. The ranching/farming operations include alfalfa hay, rotational grazing, cow/calf and grassfed beef. A large ranch takes a lot of work and the Thomans' are up to the task with a large family to help.  Besides, kids are more rewarding than hired-hands!
It would be remiss to say that any of this would be possible without divine intervention. God has generously blessed the family and everything is from his providence. However, from time to time, everyone must be reminded that they are not in charge. What better way to learn to lean on God than to be involved in agriculture! When it rains or doesn't rain, when it's bitter cold or scorching hot, when the money runs out before the harvest comes in, when we wake up every morning; these are all perfect times to bless God.
"When someone is given a great deal, a great deal will be demanded of that person; when someone is entrusted with a great deal, of that person even more will be expected." Lk 12:48


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