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Why Grassfed?

For those who have been searching for a safe, identifiable, and healthy food source, grassfed beef is the answer. An organic label does not guarantee that an animal has not been fed grain. Grassfed (and grass-finished) beef is superior in nearly every aspect - nutrition, flavor, eco-friendly - when compared to grain-fed beef. Grassfed meat has:
  • Higher levels of omega 3 fats and a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, said to reduce the risk of cancer and decrease the risk of heart attack,
  • As much as 3-5 times higher levels of "conjugated linoleic acid," or CLA, which may be our best defense against cancer,
  • Lower total fat - may have 1/3 less fat than a comparable cut from a grain-fed animal,
  • Lower in saturated fat - which is linked with heart disease,
  • Higher levels of Vitamin E, an immune boosting, age defying, antioxidant (most Americans are deficient in Vitamin E),
  • Higher levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, beta-carotene, and potassium,
  • Low risk of E. coli.

We are continually reminded that processed foods are not the answer to healthy living. Grassfed and pasture raised animals have been shown to contain the proper vitamins, minerals, and fats to support a healthy lifestyle.

"Research results show that grass-fed beef is higher in total nutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidants, key fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids compared to grain-fed beef. These nutritional advantages make grass-fed beef a compelling nutritional option for both athletes in training and for the general population. For elite athletes, there are distinct advantages in incorporating grass-fed meats into the daily diet. Growth and recovery are significantly enhanced with the benefits of the nutritional advantages." Allen Williams, PhD, Understanding Ag 
Material referenced from:
   EatWild - Grassfed Basics


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