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Our Belief

There is a difference between factory farmed beef and grass finished beef. Grass finished beef graze on God's green pastures, provide for the land and the honest people who look after it, and are a healthy alternative to what is available in the grocery aisle. Our beef are natural from start to finish: no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs, no grain, and no strange feed additives. Simply put, our cows eat grass.
 Grassfed steers grazing on alfalfa pastures in late summer.
We are the product of generations making a living in Wyoming agriculture. Raising and caring for livestock is a passion that runs deep in our roots. Our holistic and regenerative approach to producing grass finished beef enables us to bring you a premium beef product; forage-fed their entire life for superior flavor and exceptional health value. We handle our cattle with low stress techniques, unconfined as nature dictates, in pastures and on the range. These animals age on the hoof, taking longer to finish when compared to grain or feedlot fed animals.
We manage our pastures to ensure animals can graze as long as possible throughout the year. When harsh weather dictates, we supplement our cattle with sun-cured forages grown on our ranch. We do not compromise or take short-cuts. Out here, our word is our bond and a handshake is all you need. We still believe in the code of the west and we choose to live it every day.
 Gramps teaching the next generation.
Anyone making a living in agriculture today will tell you this is not a job, it's a way of life. Our office is the open range and the day begins and ends with the sun. Our Creator has blessed us with this lifestyle, and we feel it is our duty to pass this blessing on to you.
We take every opportunity to better the lives of those around us, whether it's providing a superior beef product or just good conversation. We look forward to an honest relationship that exemplifies our better being and the integrity we like to see here out West.
We support the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance as they fight for food freedom. We are also Wyoming All-Natural verified, but really, certifications are only as good as a person's word. You can't regulate integrity. That is why we have an "open-ranch" policy where you can come see for yourself. Though you can stop by anytime, if you call ahead, we will make sure someone is available to show you around.


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