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Herd Sires
We demand more out of our bulls than we do our cows, for good reason. Bulls have a larger impact on the herd than a cow ever could. We expect to get 8 producing years out of a bull and 30-50 calves per year. That's an average of 320 calves over their lifetime. Even a very productive cow could only naturally produce about 10 calves in her lifetime. A bull's genetic merit has a much greater influence due to numbers. So it is with great care that we select our herd and AI sires. See our Semen Listing for available semen.
Red Angus Registration 1569159   ASA 2706946   2011 75% Red Angus, 25% Fleckvieh Simmental, scurs
116Y is an exceptionally thick and deep bull we purchased from Tim Ohlde of Ohlde Cattle Co. This bull is sired by one of the well noted bulls from Roy Beeby: BB 5236 BBRED 6015. From what Tim said, 6015 was well received in South America with plenty of admirers for being forage efficient. In South America, almost all cattle are grass finished, so to be well known among already forage efficient cattle is quite an accomplishment. His MGS is OCC Hunter, whose quality is well know, and his MGD is a fullblood Fleckvieh (or Fleck, for short). Tim was able to hand pick a dozen cows or so from the Arnold Brothers before they dispersed, and 116Y's MGD was one of them. Fleck cattle are of German decent. If you know anything about German cars, Fleck cattle are just as well know for their quality. DNA testing showed that 116Y was in the top 15% for Residual Feed Intake. This was very apparent when throughout the winter we had to feed him straw and stems to keep him from getting too fat! He had a yearling scrotal of 37 cm and frame score of 4.3 at 1120 lbs. His mature measurements are 2000 lbs, 4 frame, and 45 cm scrotal. When semen tested, he received a score of 96% for motility and 97% for normal cells. Great genetics and forage-fed make a difference. He has a great disposition as well. See the videos below where Steve Campbell takes his linear measurements in the pen. We have high expectations for this bull. Semen is available.
Red Angus Registration 1594471  2013 100% Red Angus, 1A
Easy Kind is an Easy Red son out of an impeccable Right Kind daughter. He is moderate with a 3.7 yearling frame score and 35 cm scrotal. His semen test results have always been 95+ for both percent motility and normal cells. We expect him to be an udder improver with great calving ease. His first calves came easy and had great vigor. We have no doubt about his longevity, fertility, calving ease and low-maintenance traits, because he was bred that way. But it is nice to have EPDs that back up our claims, and his do. As a calving ease bull, he packs plenty of muscle and shape with a masculine build. He has an excellent disposition, and his daughters have been quiet and calm. He is homozygous for the A2 beta-casein (A2/A2).
 C11 at 2 yrs old during breeding season
Red Angus Registration 3483118 2015 100% Red Angus, 1A
Courageous is another impressive Easy Red son that packs a little more power and shape. His dam is a beautiful Cherokee Canyon daughter (X12) that we purchased in-dam from Buffalo Creek before they dispersed. She is a thick cow with a great udder. Courageous was born during a cold spring, that saw most birthweights about 5-10 lbs above our long term average. He was on our radar since a calf, and we couldn't wait to see how he developed. He will add thickness and fleshing ability, while still maintaining purebred status. He scanned well for carcass traits. He had a 38 cm scrotal as a yearling, with a frame score of 4, and tested homozygous for the A2 beta-casein (A2/A2).
COOLER at 3 yrs old during breeding season
Red Angus Registration 1748249 2015 100% Red Angus, 1A
We purchased COOLER as a baby calf, along with his dam, from OCC. I saw a full brother in Tim's bull pen, and really liked him, but he wasn't for sale. Later that day we were looking through Tim's cows and I saw COOLER with his dam and the negociations began! COOLER is a smooth-made bull with extra capacity and plenty of shape. I liked the older Beeby pedigree on the top, and Eureka and EXT up close on the bottom. COOLER is a twin, but posted a heavy weaning weight and the highest rate-of-gain. He has a great disposition and is around a 4 frame. He tested homozygous for the A2 beta-casein (A2/A2).
 71L at 3 yrs old
Red Angus Registration 1482457  2011 100% Black-Red Angus, II  Video
We purchased 71L from Mark DeBoo at Diamond D Angus as a heifer bull to replace U200. We were intrigued by his pedigree that combined genetics from Beeby, Beckton, and Diamond D. He is a grandson of Choctaw Chief 373, one of the great foundation Red Angus bulls. 71L is compact and well put together for a heifer bull, and he was developed without any grain! He had a 37 cm scrotal at 18 months and was a 3.5 frame. We look for some great replacement females from this bull. He tested homozygous for the A2 beta-casein (A2/A2).
 U200 at 3 yrs old
Red Angus Registration 1259256  ASA 2576340  2008 99.3% Red Angus, 1B
The family purchased U200 from Beckton's as a yearling in 2009 (lot 96). We were only able to use him on a Hereford cow the first year. Then we brought him back to Riverton in 2011. That first calf was a 4H steer that weighed 1400 lbs by fair the next year on nothing but hay. U200 provides excellent calving ease with low birth weights. He has an 1800 lb mature weight at about a 4 frame with a 42 cm mature scrotal. As a yearling, he was a 5 frame with a scrotal of 34 cm. He has exceptional wean to yearling growth and fleshing ability, as is evident in his calves. We have many daughters in our herd now, and they are performing well.
AI Sires
Red Angus Registration 1622476  2009 100% Red Angus, 1A
We obtained semen on Easy Red from Tim Ohlde without ever having looked at the bull. Crazy, you may say, but I trusted Tim's representation of this bull, and when he recommended that I use him, I didn't bat an eye. When I was finally able to see him in person, boy was I glad I trusted Tim! Easy Red's thickness and depth are impressive. He represents everything that the OCC program stands for, just in a red package. Tim said he is just under a 5 frame, and I concur. Easy Red scored a 9 out of 10 for tenderness when DNA tested, making him an ideal sire for value-added marketing. He also tested homozygous for the A2 beta-casein (A2/A2). His calves have not disappointed. T&T Easy Red A-03.
 Cash Crop at 7 yrs old
Red Angus Registration 1017932 2004 100% Red Angus, 1A
Cash Crop is a moderate and efficient bull that was produced in the Pharo program. His capacity and thickness are commendable. His pedigree compliments what we were already doing: combining Buffalo Creek and Ohlde genetics. We look for his progeny to provide the next generation of functional and efficient cattle that have an edge when it comes to producing in grass-only programs. He tested homozygous for the A2 beta-casein (A2/A2).


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