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From bulls to pairs, T&T Cattle provides seedstock for the progressive rancher and farmer who are looking for cattle that can take care of themselves and not need a full-time babysitter. Your time is valuable, make your cattle work for you!
BULLS - We recently joined Pharo Cattle Company as a cooperator. Starting in 2019, you will now find our genetics at the Colorado Spring PCC Bull Sale
T & T Bulls in Colorado Spring PCC Bull Sale, April 15, 2019 - Quick Sort
Lot 118 (3892907) was the high selling bull at $15,500. Semen will be available on him later this spring.
FALL 2019 COLORADO SALE - We have one bull in the fall PCC sale this year (4009880)
PRIVATE TREATY BULLS - We are in the process of clearing out our pre-PCC bull inventory and offering huge discounts. This is the top end of our bulls that were previously priced out of range for most people. These are age-advantaged bulls, and will cover 30+ cows without any problem. If you need a bull, now is the time to buy!
Video and registration links for the bulls are listed below. The bulls look a lot better since these videos (from Nov 2017). These are all virgin bulls, except D11, which we have sampled in our herd.
D11   3524483  OCC Rear End son, carries a red gene, out of a great cow who has produced many herd bulls
D13   3524485  Hereford colored, but still 50% Red Angus, massive capacity and thickness
D18   3524490  Red Angus Kissimmee son, great capacity with older pedigree
D21   3524493  SOLD - 84S son by one of our favorite cows - going on 12 yrs old and never missed, great CE
D23   3524495  SOLD - OCC Easy Red by Kissimmee son with good CE
D45   3524518  A thicker-made bull (89% AR) with good CE and an interesting pedigree
D49   3524522  SOLD - A moderate bull with great CE, going back to Red Fork genetics
D55   3524528  SOLD
D60   3524533  SOLD
D69   3524541  SOLD 1/4 Fleck bull with awesome thickness and style, dam is 13 and going strong!


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