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From bulls to pairs, T&T Cattle provides high-elevation seedstock for the profit-minded rancher and farmer who are looking for cattle that can take care of themselves and not need a full-time babysitter. Your time is valuable, make your cattle work for you!
BULLS - We recently joined Pharo Cattle Company as a cooperator. You will now find our genetics at the Colorado PCC Bull Sales
FALL 2022 COLORADO SALE - November 7, 2022 - We have three bulls in the fall sale (T&T 2022 Bulls). Be sure to get a catalog and join us for the sale. PCC Online Catalog (pages 45-46). The bulls are also listed on QuickSort with links to videos and pedigrees.
Lot 118 5469J - 1B Freedom son out of a young Cash Crop daughter. 5-star overall bull with great disposition and excellent PAP score.
Lot 119 5456J - 1A Freedom son by Cash Crop daughter. Another impressive 5-star bull with GGP DNA.
Lot 120 5467J - 1B, a Red Fork bred bull that is thick and deep. He's a little bigger, but a great bull with good calving ease and 5-star overall rating. 
HIGH ELEVATION CATTLE - We run our cows between 5500-7000 feet and have never had any issues. Out of curiosity, we started PAP-testing our bulls. ALL passed with flying colors! Buy with confidence for high-elevation use.
PARENTAGE & GENOMIC DNA TESTING - We parent verify all our bulls to both their dam and sire. No surprises! Many of our bulls also have high density genomic DNA testing (GGP) completed. This is equivalent to 15-25 progeny records and gives a higher level of confidence in the traits evaluated by the EPDs. Read more about genomic testing and its benefits on the Red Angus website.
BULL BUY BACK - When you are ready for a new bull, we will buy your old bull back! He has to have come from our program, and still qualify for grassfed/grass finished, including no antibiotics (never, ever). We can generally do better than market price, and save you the commission. We can even pick him up at the sale! Please call in advance of the sale to make arrangements.
Colorado Spring PCC Bull Sale, April 18, 2022 
Lot 150 - Jose Cuervo 7463J (4421731) sold for $8000 as a composite bull, because he had a white spot on his forehead. He has extraordinary thickness, depth and muscling. Kit said it well, "Jose is a STUD!" It's funny he wasn't on my list. Just goes to show how everyone has a different eye!
Lot 151 - Jackal 7450J (4421705) sold for $7500. He was a strip-faced, composite bull that wasn't on my list either. Another great bull!
Colorado Spring PCC Bull Sale, April 19, 2021
Lot 136 - Hickory 5409H (4245222) sold for $7000. He was my choice of our bulls. He has great muscling and depth of body with 4-star calving ease.
Colorado Spring PCC Bull Sale, April 20, 2020
Lot 131 - Gondor 5452G (4084162) sold near the top at $10,500. He is out of an excellent 12-yr-old cow (T245) and our OCC Grazer bull.
Lot 176 - T&T Granite 7437G (4084140) sold for $8500. He is a solid red bull that is 25% Fleck. He will add thickness and depth with a touch of heterosis. His dam is the 183R cow out of OCC Legend.
T & T Bulls in Colorado Spring PCC Bull Sale, April 15, 2019
Lot 118 - Fullback 5404F, (3892907) was the high selling bull at $15,500. Fullback has a unique combination of calving ease and growth with excellent marbling and tenderness. He is thick and deep with a good set of testicles. He received 5-stars across the board for all the traits PCC scores. His progeny will perform exceptional whether on feed, on the rail, or in the grassfed market. Semen is available.


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