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From bulls to pairs, T&T Cattle provides seedstock for the progressive rancher and farmer who are looking for cattle that can take care of themselves and not need a full-time babysitter. Your time is valuable, make your cattle work for you!
Bull and Female Sale
February 6th, 2018 - 1 pm MST
Riverton Livestock Auction
Riverton, Wyoming
Our first production sale will include 60 head of bulls and females. This is an exciting time as demand for our low-maintenance genetics continues to grow.  
Bid Online at CattleUSA 
Corrections: No matter how many times I review the catalog before print, invariably mistakes get missed. Some of the quotes got cut off, EPDs somehow are changing daily, and pictures mysteriously move. Corrections were made in the online version, except for the EPDs, which have continued to change. Use the links below to view the current EPDs, or go to and enter the registration number.
T&T CHRIS CANYON X12 - Potential Donor video1 video2  1389223
T&T PINEMARIE B01 - Potential Donor video   1672864 
OCC AVEREE 100A - pair  3709209  E70 bull calf - 3768311
T&T EOLA A36 - pair  1594452   E73 heifer calf - 3773993
B02    1672865 
B43    1672919 
D14    3524486 
D32    3524503 
Video and registration links for the bulls are listed below: 
C02   3483125          
D10   3524482 
D20   3524492 
D25   3524497
D40   3524510 
D60   3524533 


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